Madill Cheryl

Cheryl MadillCheryl Madill

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Platte Purchase Middle School

I have been an educator since 1990. I received my bachelors degree in Social Studies Secondary Education from UMKC and a Masters in Education from Southwest Baptist University. I have taught all ages from preschool to high school. I am certified in elementary and secondary Social Studies education. My home has been Barry School since 2006. I have been married to my husband Jeff since 1992 and we were blessed with two amazing children; our daughter, Dr. Morgann Madill Ob/Gyn and our son and hero, Matthew, who passed away from leukemia in 2021. I am an avid sports fan, enjoy the water, my two dogs, and am a proud Pirate!!!



  • Advisory 7:40-8:23
  • 1st hour 8:13-9:03 Professional Learning Team Time
  • 2nd hour 9:06-9:56 Individual Plan Time
  • 3rd hour 9:59--10:49
  • 4th hour 10:52--11:42
  • 5th hour 11:45-12:59 Lunch 12:36-12:59
  • 6th hour 1:02-1:52
  • 7th hour 1:55-2:45

      Wednesday Block

  • Advisory 7:40-7:57
  • 1st block 8:00-9:30 8th Grade Team Mtg
  • 3rd block 9:35-11:05
  • 5th block 11:10-1:11     Lunch 12:10-12:35
  • 7th block 1:16-2:46

       Thursday Block

  • Advisory 7:40-7:57
  • 2nd block 8:00-9:30  Plan time
  • 4th block 9:35-11:05
  • 6th block 11:10-1:11      Lunch 12:10-12:35
  • Advisory 1:16-1:46      Out to C 1:16-2:46

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 816-436-1433 x. 3434