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Ben CeruttiBenjamin Cerutti

Pre Algebra, 8th Grade Math, Algebra, Geometry Teacher
Barry School

My name is Mr. Cerutti and this is our class website. This is my third year teaching at Barry School, but rest assured I have been teaching in various schools for the last decade here in the Kansas City area. I grew up in St. Louis, MO. (Go Cardinals and Blues - and Chiefs and Royals!) I went to Truman State University and got my Bachelor's Degree in History. I then went to Lindenwood University and got my Master of Arts in Teaching degree. I am certified to teach 5th-9th graders in Math, Social Studies/History, and Language Arts/English. I love reading - my favorite books I have read in the last year was probably Another Day - a companion book to Everyday (my favorite from last summer!). It was a very quick read and it was intelligently written. It made me think and it was fun. I also love sports - so this summer with the Olympics, the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Tour de France, and baseball going on was a ton of fun for me. Most importantly, my wife Lisa and my son Henry are fantastic. I thank them every day for allowing me to spend so much time with my school family - my students and colleagues. What about you? What do you like to do?


1st hour Algebra

 2nd hour Algebra

 3rd hour Pre-Algebra

 4th hour 8th grade Math

 5th hour 8th grade Math

 6th hour Plan

 7th hour Geometry

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